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Through all of our various musical endeavours, we have got to meet, and play with some fantastic musicians over the years. So we've decided to share this with the town and have started BoA Promotions as a way of getting more high quality, professional music happening in and around Bradford on Avon.

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20th & "1st January 2018 - 
It's back - Bradford Roots Festival; bigger, brighter and the best of brilliant Bradford on Avon (and surrounding areas)

For the sixth year we're showcasing the best in music from the artists with a connection to the town at the Wiltshire Music Centre - look here for  the full programme.

This is a taste of what happened in 2017:

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What is Bradford Roots Music Festival?
Each January, Wiltshire Music Centre is transformed to host Bradford Roots Music Festival with four stages and performances from over 40 acts, celebrating the very best in local musical talent.Would...

Past Promotions 
Vokalkompagniet (Vocal Company)  +
A Fistful of Spookies
Click here for gig info
Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage
Click here for gig info
The Spooky Men's Chorale
Click here for gig info
Luke Daniels 
Click here for gig info
Jack Harris 
Click here for gig info
Beth Porter and the Availables
Click here for gig info

Tobias Ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater
Click here for gig info
The Black Feathers
Click here for gig info
Kirsty Bromley & Lucy Wise
Click here for gig info
Luke Jackson
Click here for gig info
The Harmonettes in 'Dorothy's War'
Click here for gig info


All on a Winter's Night
Johnny Coppin and All in Harmony
click here for gig info
Mike Scott & Friends
click here for gig info
The Vocal Company (DK) +                               A Fistful of Spookies (UK) 
click here for gig info
Kirsty Bromley and Jess Vincent
click here for gig info
The Magnificent AK47 vs The Bellefleurs
click here for gig info
Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston
click here for gig info

Charlie Dore & Julian Littman
click here for gig info
click here for gig info
Reg Meuross, Jess Vincent and The Croutons
Click herefor gig info
Johnny Coppin
click here for gig info

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