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Singing - with attitude!

Meet the family

These are the people who will be looking after you, singing with you and making sure you have a great time.

Chris Samuel 

Chris has been teaching harmony singing workshops since 2003 and runs four choirs in Wiltshire, details of which you can find on this site. 

He's also a performer with The Spooky Men's Chorale when they're in Europe and with the (increasingly busy) fun-sized band of UK Spooks - A Fistful of Spookies.

He is a Trustee on the board of Voices Now an organisations dedicated to give more people access to singing and which conducts research and supports choirs and singing leaders across the UK. 

It also produces festivals and regional gatherings which bring together amateur choirs and professional artists in venues such as London's iconic Roundhouse and Birmingham mac

Lisa Samuel

Lisa organises and manages the choirs, many of our events and she is the chief programmer of Bradford Roots Festival. She has been singing in community choirs for over a decade and is a regular participant in The Wiltshire Wailers.

Lisa is your first point of contact for any queries about choirs, workshops, BoA Promotions or Bradford Roots Festival - email her here.

Jessica Broderick

Jessica is a busy musician, actor, choir-leader, arranger and educator.

Having recently moved back to the West, she co-founded Bristol Show Choir (Bristol's No 1 Musical Theatre Choir) and is also working with Bristol's huge and lovely Gasworks Choir.

She's a performer in her own right with various bands including occasionally duetting with her husband, Singer-songwriter Lee Broderick.

Contact Jessica by email: [email protected]

Harry Samuel

Harry is a green wood worker, natural builder, coppice worker and organic gardener. 

He produces hand-made products that are functional, ergonomic and beautiful as well as leading workshops and educational projects in Bristol and the West.

He lives aboard his narrowboat 'Myth' and is usually to be found somewhere between Bristol and London.

When working in London he co-founded The Green Wood Guild with Barnaby Carder a.k.a Barn the Spoon and a is now running courses in carving and turning in Bristol and beyond. 

If you'd like to see any of Harry's work, look on his Instagram

For a full portfolio contact him on [email protected] or 07807593141.